Clinic Management System

A Clinic Management System is an integrated information system for managing all aspects of a medical clinic's operations. 

Basically termed as Outpatient Department, it is a complete hospital information system that focuses on  Outpatients registration, treatments, billing, and reporting with details of patient information

Clinic Management System :-Best cilinic Management Software

Digitally transform your hospital by having descriptive dashboards. Clinical dashboard for treatments, Revenue and material management dashboard for billing/accounting, Operational dashboards for bed management and laboratory registrations, and plenty of other dashboards to have an aerial view of the hospital’s operation

Billing software
Most clinics use software just for the purpose of billing, and this increases the workload, requiring manual re-entry of the different procedures performed for billing purposes. With integrated billing, a clinic management system tracks the complete treatment of a patient and can be used to create financial records much easier than with stand-alone billing software. With this, the complete financial record of the clinic, such as expenditures, and returns, can be tracked easily. 

#Comprehensive Clinic Management handles Patient Dashboard, Appointment Management, Visual Speciality
#Integrated Billing with treatments, Lab and Radiology. Discount Authorisation alerts. Automatic Due capture. Option to bill before and after consultation.
#Flexible Option to use Appointment based Checkin and Token based Checkin. Token can be displayed on big screen.
#Ayush 2.0 scales easily along with the hospital. Any number of branches can be added and managed using a single account.

Manage multiple locations
If you’re managing clinics at multiple locations, with the help of a single online clinic management software, all of them can be easily managed with a clinic management system. Data from the individual clinics can be viewed from a single system, often just by using a smartphone app. MIS or master information sheets of individual clinics can give you accurate information about the workings of your clinics.
Details of opd management:-
Opd registration  Opd follow-up Dashboard
Doctor master  Doctor opd sheduling Opd Prodecure billing
Charge master set up  Document up-load    Opd billing
Multiple payment  Opd Bill Settlement O.T Management
SMS Integration
Print Patient Slip
MIS reports